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 Model FAD-30CT FAD-30ER FAD-30IQ
Retail Price: 25.000.000 28.000.000 32.000.000
 Machine Features: Excluding mainboard, float, water pump and discharge valve Including mainboard
Single Speed
Including inverter
Twelve Speed
 Air Volume: 30.000 m³/h 30.000 m³/h 30.000 m³/h
Motor Power: 3 kW/50Hz 3 kW/50Hz 3 kW/50Hz
Voltage: 380V – 3 Phases 380V – 3 Phases 220V – 1 Phase
Remote Control: No Yes Yes
Wind Direction: Up Up Up
Speed Level: Single Level Single Level Twelve Level
 Noise: ≤ 68 dB ≤ 68 dB ≤ 68 dB
Water Consumption: 15~20 L/h 15~20 L/h 15~20 L/h
Water Tank Volume: 40 L 40 L 40 L
Dimension(mm): 1280x1280x1160  1280x1280x1160 1280x1280x1160
Cooling Area: 150 ~ 200 (m2) 150 ~ 200 (m2) 150 ~ 200 (m2)
 Air Vent Dimension: 800*800 (mm) 800*800 (mm) 800*800 (mm)
Air Pressure: 220 (Pa) 220 (Pa) 220 (Pa)
Net Weight: 96 Kg 96 Kg 96 Kg


FAD-30 INDUSTRIAL AIR COOLER operates on the principle of water evaporation, its air volume is extremely high up to 25,000 m³/h. Moreover, FAD-30’s performance can be more then two or three times compared to similar product but its energy consumption is only 3 kWh for each hour

FAD-30 includes the following parts such as:

– Its body is made of CO-PP plastic with high mechanical strength, resistant to ultraviolet light, without being oxidation and rust.

– Axial fan blades create strong wind thrust while ensuring smoothness.

– Internal structure of air cooler is designed to use COOLING PAD (made from 100% high-quality oak wood) combined with air filter around its body for refreshing air, decreasing hot temperatures, increasing water retention efficiency and effective cooling performance.

– The water distribution system includes a water pump phase to supply water for the COOLING PAD, the supply valves and automatic flush valves.

– CT model is the type of air cooler for installing in construction systems that can be combined with the central control system.

– ER model has single speed level which can be controlled easily by the LCD screen and the remote controller.

– IQ model has up to 12 speed level that controlled by the SUPER ENENRGY-SAVING INVERTER TECHNOLOGY.


When air cooler is running, the water pump will take water from the bottom to the water distribution system and flows down into the COOLING PAD. At the same time, the centrifugal fan blade with inhaling powerfully and drawing outside air through dust filter net and COOLING PAD. The heat exchange between hot air and steam helps to reduce its temperature to 26 degrees. Finally, the air is blown out by the fan at high speed which creating an ideal, oxygen-rich atmosphere for the workspace.

Advantages of Industrial Air Coolers:

– Adjusting easily its air volume base on user requirement, low noise, without affect the surrounding environment.
– Having simple design, easy installation and maintenance.
– Having high durability, ability to withstand the impact of the environment.
– Without using compressors, it is only applied air steam for cooling to ensure moisture which is suitable for the user skin.
– Having less investment cost but more efficient than an air-conditioning system.
– It is energy-saving which can optimize monthly costs and operating costs.
– Increasing oxygen content in the air and improving working efficiency.


Its ability is for cooling a large area which is suitable for ventilation and cooling for open or semi-open spaces such as warehouses, factories, studios, commercial centers, conferences, supermarkets….

Nghe Nang is a leading manufacturer of industrial fans, air cooler and ventilation system in Vietnam, our production line is from Japan which is achieved ISO 9001: 2015 standards.




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