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Model: iFan-1600i
Air Volume: 16000 m³/h
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Way To Control: Remote Control & Electronic Control Panel
Wind Direction:
4 Sides
Left/Right: Automatically 
Up/Down: Manually
Wind Mode: Normal – Natural
Speed Level: Three Levels (Low, Medium, High)
Noise:  ≤ 58 dB
Water Consumption: 6~8 L/h
Water Tank Volume: 100 L
Package Dimension:  810x560x1445 (mm)
Cooling Area: 80~100 (m²)
Time Setting (h): 8h
Net Weight: 49Kg


iFan-1600I is operates on the principle of natural evaporation and heat balance to cool the air, then it take the outside hot air to reduce the temperature to 5 to 10 Celsius degrees, maintain the temperature at 26 ~ 28 Celsius degrees and maintain the indoor humidity at an appropriate level. Moreover it won’t spray mist causing mold, make the skin dry which is good for users health and safety for surrounding electronic devices.

IFan-1600I has full touch control panel and remote control providing many functions for users to operate easily.

  • On/Off button: Turn on or off the air cooler.
  • Speed ​​Mode button: Adjust fan speed.
  • Cooling Mode button: Turn on the cooling mode (when air cooler runs out of water, it will sound a signal then turn off that mode to prevent the water pump from damage).
  • Swing button: automatically swing from left to right.
  • Ion button: create negative ions for odor filter, sterilization which is good for users health.
  • Timer button: set up the time for turning off.

IFan-1600I having stylish design with an robot appearance.

  • High-end motor run steady, enduring over time.
  • The large fan blade that increase the ability to push the wind connected by metal shafts which make it hard to bend and break than conventional plastic blades.
  • Nets and cooling pads on the back and two sides of product provides better ability to get more air and filter dust
  • Drain hole helps to completely remove excess water.
  • Wheels with flexible 360-degree rotation can move easily to any positions.


As one of the new innovative products of Nghe Nang, iFan-1600I has air volume of up to 16000 m³/h, stable cooling in large areas up to 100m²  such as restaurants, bars, cafes, cyber gaming shops, warehouses and factories….




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