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Model iFan-550
Air Volume: 5.500 m³/h
Motor Power:
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Way To Control: Remote Control & Electronic Control Panel
Wind Direction:
4 Side 
 Left/Right: Automatically 
 Up/Down: Manually
Air Cooler Mode:
Normal – Natural – Sleep
Speed: Three (Low, Medium High)
Noise: ≤ 50 dB
Water Consumption: 3~5 L/h
Water Tank Volume: 45L
Dimension: 610x410x940 (mm)
Cooling Area: 40~50 (m²)
Time Setting (h): 7 Hours
Anti-Shock Equipment: Yes
Net Weight: 15 Kg


  • iFan-550 air cooler has latest electronic control panel, effective remote control function, equipped with 4 wheels for moving and arranging easily.
  • Cooling mode button: turns On/Off this mode helps to cool more quickly, increase the humidity in the air and avoid hot and dry conditions as using a fan. This mode is recommended to turn on regularly in order to have a better cooling effect for your space only if it is filling with full of water inside the air cooler.
  • Having a ice tray to contain TWO DRY ICE BOXES (included). Therefore, the machine has a better and deeper cooling effect which can reduce 4-5oC compared to other air coolers without DRY ICE BOXES.
  • Using dry ice by filling those boxes with water and putting them into the refrigerator for freezing. Then place the frozen dry ice boxes in ice tray and turn on the cooling mode, enjoy the cooling effect of air cooler. Dry ice is taken a longer time to melt that compared to normal ice.
  • Water tank can contain to 45 liters of water, can be used continuously for about 15 hours. Specific time is depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment. It has a small hole to fulfill water conveniently while operating.
  • Water scale is designed to be transparent for easier to observe water level.
  • Wheels helps the machine to be moved conveniently, quickly and locked when fixed.
  • It has up to 3 sides of the dust filter and cooling pad which can increase air volume, dust filtration, and provide much fresh air
  • Cooling Pad is made of 100% oak wood that can filter dirt and deodorize, anti-mold, antibacterial.
  • Motor is used 100% pure copper core for smooth operation, less power consumption and long life expectancy.


iFan – 550 Air Cooler is one of the innovative products of iFan, suitable for spaces from 50 to 60m2 such as Families, Working Offices, Schools, Conference Rooms, Cafes, Party Halls, Restaurants….




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