Quạt Jetfan hướng trục IJA


Product code: iFan - JetFan IJA 315/355/400/450
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Air Volume: 2,250~12,000 m³/h
Power: 0.75 ~ 3.6Kw




Model Air Volume (m3/h) Outlet Velocity (m/s) Thrust Force (N) Absorbed Power (kW) Install Power (kW) Rotation Speed (R/min) Hz Voltage (V) Phase Noise dB (A)
IJA 315 4500/2250 16/8 24/6 0.74/0.1 0.9/0.18 2850/1450 50 400/380 3 54/38
IJA 355 6480/3240 18.2/9.1 40/10 1.33/0.17 1.5/0.3 2850/1450 50 400/380 3 58/43
IJA 400 6000/4500 20/10 60/15 2.11/0.28 1.1/0.44 2850/1450 50 400/380 3 62/46
IJA 450 12000/6000 21/10.5 84/21 2.9/0.38 3.6/0.72 2850/1450 50 400/380 3 62/47

IJA Series Feature:

  • Impeller: Mounted with airfoil blades of great efficiency and low sound, the impellers of IJA jet fans have hubs and blades made of high-strength die-cast aluminum alloys. Each impeller has undergone heat treatment, X-ray flaw detection, tensile test, metal processing and dynamic balancing tests to ensure reliable quality. The blade angles are statically adjustable.
  • Motor: The motor is air cooled, squirrel cage and sealed type resistant to damp heat. It is IP55 rated with Class H insulation; Internationally famous bearing brands are used. The motor lead wire can be connected to the junction box on the fan stack; The grease tube leading all the way from the grease nipple to the fan housing makes greasing and maintenance much easier.
  • Fan Housing and Mounting Brackets: The laser cutting and plasma cutting processes are used. The housing is automatically welded and formed by spinning. The surface is hot-dip galvanized or coated for better fan strength and corrosion resistance. The mounting brackets are designed based on actual field conditions.
  • Silencers: The IJA series jet fan has silencers of 1 times fan diameter mounted at both the inlet and outlet ends. If sound is a primary consideration, silencers of 2 times fan diameter is recommended. The outer shell is rolled and welded with quality steel sheets. Insulation material with super fine glass fiber is placed inside the silencers between the alkali-free fibrous glass cloth on the outside and a perforated steel inner liner. The streamlined nozzle helps improve flow filed and efficiency.
  • High Temperature Resistance: the IJA series jet fan can run for a straight hour at 280 degrees without mechanical, electrical or structural failures and can be used for emergency smoke removal.
  • Rotation Reversible: The rotor has a low moment of inertia. The rotation of IJA series jet fan can be reversed smoothly to the rated speed within 30 seconds.
  • Easy installation and maintenance. 


Mainly used in tunnels, including metro tunnels, road tunnels, railway tunnels and underground car parks.




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