Máy làm mát MAB2-18


Product code: MAB2-18
Price: 17.500.000 đ

Air Volume: 18000 m³/h
Power: 1.1 kW
Wind Direction: Bottom
Cooling Area: 100~150 m²
Warranty Period: Two Year Warranty



  Model MAB2-18IQ MAB2-18ER
Retail Price: 20.000.000 17.500.000
  Air Volume: 18000 m³/h 18000 m³/h
Motor Power: 1.1kW/50Hz 1.1kW/50Hz
  Voltage: 220V – 1 Phase 380V – 3 Phases
  Remote Control: Yes Yes
Wind Direction: Bottom Bottom
Inverter: Yes No
  Speed Level: Various Speed One Speed Level
  Noise: ≤ 65 dB ≤ 65 dB
   Water Consumption: 10~25 L/h 10~25 L/h
   Water Tank Volume:  170~200 L 170~200 L
   Dimension: 1150x1150x1760 (mm) 1150x1150x1760 (mm)
  Cooling Area 100~150 (m²) 100~150 (m²)
  Inlet Air Vent Dimension: 440~640 (mm) (2 Side) 440~640 (mm) (2 Side)
   Maximum Pressure:  180 (Pa) 180 (Pa)
  Weight: 67Kg 64\7Kg
  Wind Distance: 20~25m 20~25m


  • It intakes air from 4 side (included filter net, cooling pad and water distribution system) in order to increase three times of the air volume, then water spread out evenly on the surface of cooling pad which increase much times the cooling efficiency and decrease surrounding temperature quickly.
  • It has square and tidy design in order to save more space for user. LCD Monitor is very visual and the remote controller is very convenient to use.
  • It has a 100% copper core motor combined with triple-blade axial fan blade which increase tangent section with air in order to push powerful and stable wind flow.
  • Its plastic fan blade ensures large air volume with super low noise just ≤ 68 dB. This noise level do not influence to surrounding people when it is operating.
  • Its water pump system includes 25 liter water tank, float, modern automatic switch. Industrial Air Cooler MAB2-18 is able to distribute wind directly in the range of 25 meter and distribute in the 20 meter air vent.
  • It can be withstand with environmental impacts. Because it used CO-PP plastic for its case which is corrosion resistant and rust resistant.
  • It can be applied for three phase electricity environment.


It is used for space that has area from 100 to 150 m² such as: factories, warehouses, processing factory or space that have a huge amount of labor staffs and need to be ventilated to ensure working performance.




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