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Air Coolers Rental Services

iFan is one of the units dedicated to providing air coolers rental services in Binh Duong Province, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang City and neighboring provinces. We meet the short-term cooling needs of all domestic and foreign institutions, enterprises or homes and schools, etc.

With more than 10 years of experience in such services, iFan currently has more than 100 high-quality air coolers with air volume of up to 18,000 m³/h (new products with condition about 90%) – the rental fee for each machine is only 400,000 VND (Adjust the price base on the power of the product). In addition, iFan also provides free delivery service for rental units within 20 kilometers.

Are your customers concerned about the air quality of your banquet or event?

  • The space for large parties or outdoor gatherings is too large to accommodate many guests and VIPs. Under such circumstances, this space is prone to sultry, tired and uncomfortable feelings.
  • Cheap air coolers cannot reach the cooling for more than hundreds of people.
  • The cost of buying a large air cooler is too expensive, just used for cooling in a few hours.
  • To put it simply, some organizations, enterprises or families simply want to find a unit that provides air cooler rental services to hold parties or outdoor activities. You can rent some models of air coolers to temporarily use them for a few hours. This is cost-saving and convenient for customers.

In order to solve the concerns of all parties that hold banquets or outdoor events, iFan will provide customers with suitable models of air coolers rental services in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong Province, Da Nang City and neighboring provinces at a cheap price.

Benefits of air coolers rental services:

  • There is no need to spend a lot of money to purchase the machine.
  • Air coolers of iFan brand has high power, high cooling effect and super large capacity water tank can be used for a long time.
  • We ensure that we carefully and comprehensively check the status and performance of the machine before sending the goods to the designated place.
  • Renting air coolers at the cheapest price, only 400,000 VND/unit (adjust the price according to the product model).

Introduction about iFan – a well-known unit that rents air coolers.

iFan – Vietnam Fan Joint Stock Company has its own stores in Binh Duong Province, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City. In addition, iFan has more than one hundred distributors and agents in Vietnam.
We specialize in manufacturing, trading and providing air coolers rental services for short-term activities (such as weddings, opening ceremonies, exhibitions, stadiums or filming work groups, etc.).
With our rich experience in renting air coolers, we currently have more than 100 air coolers (New and the condition is about 90%). We can meet the requirements of domestic and foreign enterprises, committee organizations, schools and restaurants, etc.

Quality Guarantee:

  • The machine is our own product
  • Before being delivered to the customer, it will be strictly inspected and packed neatly.
  • Quickly deliver to the designated destination.
  • Customers can try it for free. If there is a problem with the machine during the trial period, we will immediately
  • change to another one and will not charge any fees.
  • Ensure that the state of the product is 90% new.
  • Free delivery within 20 kilometers of the delivery location.

If you have any requirements, please contact our hotline number: 0931 117 085 (Ms. Nguyệt), she will provide iFan rental air coolers quotation and long-term rental policy.


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