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Consulting – Designing – Installing Dust Treatment System

The design and construction of the dust treatment system applied to factories and industrial parks requires not only rich experience in this field, but also absolute knowledge of this field technology and updated regularly technical knowledge.

Nghe Nang (iFan) has more than 20 years of business experience in the aerodynamics field and specializes in providing dust treatment solutions with the most advanced technology. These solutions help reduce the toxicity of exhaust gas in industrial parks or export processing zones in Vietnam before discharging them to outdoor environment.

Do you have any concerns about the dust treatment process?

  • Emission or gas concentration exceeds the emission regulations of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment;
  • Dust and exhaust gas treatment systems are not very effective.
  • Whether the processing equipment is too old or its filtering capacity is insufficient.
  • Is the investment cost of the exhaust gas treatment system too high.
  • You don’t know much about the dust treatment system.
  • Under pressure from surrounding families, local institutions and government.

After all the above concerns, Nghe Nang (iFan) realized that we could solve the problems for you completely through many design schemes, product specifications and preferential price exhaust gas treatment methods. But we can bring better results and the best after-sale service.

About iFan – Experts in the field of dust treatment system

Nghe Nang (iFan) is a company specializing in ventilation, cooling, dust removal and waste gas treatment. We all choose to use the ventilation equipment manufactured by iFan brand.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of industrial fans, cooling and ventilation equipment, and exhaust gas treatment. We has won the trust and support of many customers in the Vietnamese market and and won many awards and certificates issued by Government.

We have a team of experienced technicians who are full of enthusiasm and professionalism for each project of Nghe Nang (iFan). Therefore, customers often highly appreciate our professional work attitude and system stability during the implementation process.

Our providing service:

We provide the installation, design and construction services of cooling and ventilation systems, dust removal and exhaust gas treatment systems for factories, enterprises and export processing areas:

  • Dust bag system.
  • Cyclone dust removal system.
  • Industrial exhaust gas deodorization filter system.
  • Dust treatment system using solvents NaOH, Ca(OH)2…
  • Dust treatment systems, such as: paint dust, wood dust, sewing dust, cement dust, etc.
  • Cold room system example: Without dust room.
  • Factory ventilation and cooling system.
  • Provide ventilation, dust filter and dust removal equipment for all projects.

Our Guarantee:

1. The Whole Package:

Bring consultation to customers and design the most effective plan.

2. Quality Assurance-Progress:

  • Quality assurance, determine the appropriate product type and specifications in the signed contract.
  • High-quality products, after a rigorous process and reaching the ISO 9001:2015 standard.
  • The installation and construction process must pass strict supervision.
  • Ensure that the proposed progress can be completed earlier or before expectation but still guarantee the quality, safety, efficiency and construction standards of the production.

3. Financial guarantee:

After signing the contract, no additional fees will be incurred

4. Warranty system:

Warranty system: 5-star warranty service, dedicated annual maintenance.

Please hurry to contact 0902.818.085 can get a free design consultation to install the dust treatment system or contact 0938.81.80.85 (responsible for Project Design and Planning) for more detailed about consultation and quotation.


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