Nghe Nang was founded in 1994 and officially established Nghe Nang Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2002, by leading experts and in-depth knowledge of the founding fan industry, bringing with it many aspirations and enthusiasm about the country’s economy in the period of integration and opening. Over 20 years of development with many ups and downs, Nghe Nang has constantly improved technology, innovated methods, expanded production scale, became one of the prestigious brands in the field of Industrial Fans and Coolers are manufactured by Vietnamese people,
serving Vietnamese people.


1994: Establishment of Nghe Nang mechanical processing workshop

2002: Official establishment of Nghe Nang Industrial Co., Ltd.

2007: Upgrading of workshop with an area of up to 5000 m2

2010: Investment in renovating production lines based on Japanese Technology.

2011: Establishment of a Branch in Ho Chi Minh City.

2012: Establishment of a Branch in Da Nang.

2014: Establishment of the second workshop in Thuan An Town, Binh Duong with an area of 5000 m2, bringing the total factory area of over 10,000 m2.
Starting to product expansion with the new product line: Air Coolers.

Reaching out to the international market, establishing a branch in the Federal Republic of Myanmar

2018: Opening of the largest iFan industrial fan showroom in Vietnam

2020: Having become the leading manufacturer of Industrial fans & Air coolers in Vietnam, dominated the domestic market and expanded to international market



– Bringing the brand of Nghe Nang Industry Co., Ltd. into the leading “ENVIRONMENTAL BRAND” in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing industrial fans and coolers, starting from building a closed production process. with friendly technology, environmental protection.

– Encourage and awaken patriotism, national pride of consumers when using products manufactured by Vietnamese people.

– Becoming a strong economic corporation specializing in the field of Industrial Fans and Coolers with Vietnamese brand with 2 main product lines: iFan (Fan of every projects) and iCool (Intelligent Air Coolers).


1. Professional

– Working in a professional manner, is a mandatory requirement for any employees in the company.

– Professional in manufacturing with modern equipment, quality control processes according to ISO 9001-2015 quality management system.

– Professional in professional training for employees and policies on occupational safety and health, fire prevention.

– Professional in manner, customer service attitude with the motto “CUSTOMERS ARE GOD”.


2. Creative

Creativity is a continuous process. This is the value we have pursued over the past 20 years, aiming to create the most perfect products and services to meet the fast changing market trend

3. Responsibilities

– Responsibility for partners and customers is reflected in the commitment to quality of products and services by transparent and clear company policies.

– Responsibility for employees is reflected by the appropriate salary, bonus and preferential treatment policies, in order to improve the best living standards for employees and at the same time train and train them to improve their professional competence. , develop skills for yourself.

– Responsibility to the community is expressed by many social activities, international exchanges, environmental protection activities in accordance with the principle of “Joining hands to develop for the Vietnamese environment.”

4. Dedication

The Board of Directors of the company and all employees are always ready to devote Tai – Germany – Tri with the desire to bring Vietnamese products to the international market, register Vietnamese brands on five continents, four tanks. That is the national spirit of our company collective.


Modern and sophisticated image

Nghe Nang’s logo is stylized according to 2 ideas:

1. Use the abbreviation NNi – Nghe Nang Industrial (Nghe Nang Industrial Co., Ltd.). The letter i is also an abbreviation for outstanding products of Nghe Nang such as iFan, iCool.

2. Inspired by the image of the propeller and the rising arrow, the Nghe Nang logo symbolizes the meaning of continuous development, the desire to bring the Vietnamese brand to reach far beyond the global brands.

Formal color
  1. Black: Represents solemnity and professionalism. This is also what we wish to show to partners and customers. Professional in business and development orientation, professional in manufacturing, professional in human resource training, professional in products and services.
  2. Green: Represents the development, fortune and toward nature. With the green arrow, we show the direction of sustainable development, building a “Brand for the environment”, bringing a cool natural atmosphere for every home and every project. The green color is also a blessing for Nghe Nang itself on its way to asserting Vietnam’s high quality brand to the world.




Currently, environmental pollution has become a global problem, a concern for all humanity. The population growth is too fast, the speed of urbanization and industrialization is so strong, the fully exploited resources are the causes for the heavily polluted air, the human living environment is threatened.

Not pursuing personal interests, Nghe Nang company aims at the core values ​​for the common good of the community, building a leading “Environmental brand” in Vietnam. Nghe Nang’s principle of operation and development orientation “for the environment” is an expression of the responsibility of the whole company to the common interests of the community and society. Nghe Nang hopes to join hands to preserve our fresh air with environmentally friendly products, good for everyone’s health.



Grasping the tastes of consumers and the trend of developing environmentally friendly products, Nghe Nang is the first company in Vietnam to produce two main product lines: Industrial Fans and Air Coolers which are convenient and health protective for everyone.

IFan brand (Fan of every projects)


Our company's products are designed and manufactured by top engineers based on 3 criteria:

Quiet operation, energy saving, absolute safety

Large airflow

High efficiency wind pressure

ICool brand (Intelligent Air Cooler)


ICool air coolers outperform other types on the market by 3 features:

Extremely quiet operation, power saving, absolute safety.

Extremely fast cooling, good for health.

Air purification, ionizer balance humidity creation function to protect users health

We are experts in providing solutions for aerodynamics, ventilation, cooling, dust treatment, industrial factory dust, including the product lines: Industrial fans, family and industrial air coolers, centrifugal fans, ventilation fans, axial fans, building fans, farm fans … The above products are manufactured by our company on Japanese technological lines to meet ISO 9001: 2015 quality standards. At present, Nghe Nang’s products are being widely distributed by the agent system of the company which present in 63 provinces and cities across the country.


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