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Consulting – Designing – Installing The Cooling and Ventilation System For Factories

Nghe Nang (IFan) has more than 20 years of experience in the field of ventilation, cooling, improving the factory environment and building a dealer network. Moreover, a team of professional engineers rotates regularly to install a qualified ventilation and cooling system in the shortest time.

iFan provides consultation – design – installation of ventilation and cooling system services. In 2020, it will contract all ventilation and cooling system projects at the best price. In addition, we also provide industrial fans to many contractors.

Do you have any concerns about improving the air quality of your factories?

  • The temperature inside the factory is too high, which affects the daily activities of the staff.
  • Because the cooling system may be too old and needs to be replaced
  • Your cooling system is not much effective as you expected.
  • You are looking for better, more energy-efficient cooling equipment.
  • You are looking for the best price ventilation and cooling solutions.

The problems you are facing now which are also the previous experience of our company’s customers. Our design engineering team has provided more than 2,000 designed solutions, product information, solutions to domestic and foreign factories, enterprises, farms, etc.

About IFAN – Experts in the field of ventilation and cooling

iFan Vietnam Fan Joint Stock Company is one of the leading units in the field of manufacturing ventilation and cooling fans in Vietnam, with a total production factory area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters.

At present, we have more than 100 ventilation and cooling product series on the market, among which there are products specially designed for all different purpose environments.

Taking advantage our own manufacturing, our technicians will understand the suitability of each type of product installation and provide customers with the best design choices.

Our Guarantee:

  • Comprehensive solution: We always provide designs suitable for industrial production at the right cost, easy operation and maintenance
  • Financial commitment: From the date of signing the contract to the time of handing over the project, we will have a clear financial plan (commitment not to add any additional costs).
  • Project quality: Ensure that investors are assured of the promised project progress and products quality.
  • Warranty system: 5 star warranty service, dedicated annual warranty work.

Please hurry to contact the hotline 0902.81.80.85  can get free design consultation or contact 0938.81.80.85 (responsible for Project Design and Planning) for more detailed consultation and quotation.


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